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2012 Makeovers

We had four schools who won a Treemendous School Makeover in 2012.

Have a look at their stories below. You can also read more on our News page, or see more photos on our Facebook page.

Omarama Treemendous Makeover Completed

The Omarama School makeover kicked the 2012 planting year off in special style - with almost 100 people turning up to help depsite the school having only 27 students! While the rest of the country was being hit by the weather bomb, Omarama School and local community and the Treemendous team were working on the enhancement of the Omarama Station irrigation pond. 

Students, teachers, and the wider community worked to restore the pond at Omarama Station. The planting of native trees around the pond will improve the water quality, while the construction of a pathway will lead to a ‘leisure and learning’ site.

“The pond at Omarama Station has been an excellent learning tool for our students. They have gained hands-on knowledge of environmental ecosystems and sustainability,” says Jane Severinsen, Relieving Principal of Omarama School. “Saturday’s makeover was a wonderful way to get the entire community involved in this project, while encouraging our students’ learning.”

Omarama School’s 27 pupils have been busy over the last two years clearing weeds from the area around the pond and taking measurements of water quality, with the help from DOC Twizel and Environment Canterbury.

A big thankyou to everyone that came along to help out on this wonderful project.


Nuhaka School Plants a Treemendous Walkway

The site of the Nuhaka School Makeover was originally a railway platform and has now been transformed with over 800 native plants.



The planting of a native garden is just one step in a five year project to restore land neighbouring Nuhaka School. Future plans include a walkway through the new garden and promoting sustainability to the community.

Nuhaka School is also busy setting up a nursery to eco source seeds and propagate plants. The students are involved in planning the school’s landscaping with pathways, seating and signage, and will be planting a large area of the school’s grounds with a variety of plant life.

Nick Chapman, Principal at Nuhaka School, says, “Our school is passionate about eco and we have a long term plan to attract birds to the area, develop propagation skills and promote sustainability. “The Treemendous Makeover was a great way to encourage students’ learning and get the entire community involved in this project.”

Well done to Nuhaka School, we had a great time helping you get your plans started!


Otaua School's Treemendous New Outdoor Space

Our third Treemendous Makeover of 2012 was at Otaua School, near Waiuku.

On Saturday 26 May, students, teachers, the wider community and special guest ‘The Bugman’, Ruud Kleinpaste, transformed an overgrown area into an educational and interactive space for the students to explore.

 This Treemendous makeover created four new spaces each representing the school’s four house groups and neighbouring habitats: coast, harbour, river and swamp. The school is hoping the restored outdoor classroom will encourage insects and birds to the school grounds.

“The new learning space will provide the students with an educational area where they can gain hands-on knowledge of insects and birds along with native fauna and flora,” says Emma Thomas, Chairperson of the Parent and Teacher Association at Otaua School. “Saturday’s makeover was a great success and we had a fantastic turn out.”

A big thank you to all of the wonderful helpers at the Otaua School Treemendous Makeover.


Tutira kids create Treemendous Kakabeak nursery

Last but not least for the 2012 Treemendous School Makeovers was Tutira School in the Hawke's Bay.

Over 80 students, teachers and members of the wider community took part in an extensive makeover, which converted a previously out-of-bounds area. The previous wasteland was transformed with a native planting area, a fruit tree orchard, vegetable gardens and chickens. The existing playground was also extended with giant board games for students to enjoy.

Another part of the makeover was the creation of a kakabeak nursey that will provide the Department of Conservation and Forest and Bird with seeds for local planting of these locally endangered species.The specially planted kakabeak nursery will be used to provide the Department of Conservation with valuable seeds, which the children will collect and the Department of Conservation will plant locally.

MP for Napier, Chris Tremain, attended the event and showed his support for the local community by getting stuck in and helping out with the makeover. “The local community, school and students really got behind this ambitious makeover and the results are fantastic,” says Chris Tremain, MP of Napier. “I’ve attended previous local Treemendous School Makeover and they always do a really great job of bringing the local community together.”

We have had a great time at all of the Treemendous School Makeovers this year. See you in 2013!