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2014 Makeovers

Cromwell School, Wainui School, Naenae School and Pegasus Bay School each received a Treemendous School Makeover in 2014 – a joint initiative between the Mazda Foundation and Project Crimson.

Their designated outdoor areas were transformed into renewed spaces for students and teachers to enjoy.

Have a look at their stories below. You can also read more on our News page, or see more photos on our Facebook page.


Cromwell School

More than 150 people from the Cromwell community joined the Project Crimson and Mazda teams to kick off the first Treemendous School Makeover for 2014 at Cromwell Primary School.

The makeover included constructing an amphitheatre styled outdoor classroom and stage for students to attend lessons and 350 native bushes were planted, along with a special feature kowhai grove, providing food for bellbirds and tuis.

“The new outdoor classroom surrounded by the native flora and fauna will be a great learning environment for the students. We are especially excited that we have laid the foundations for the development of a waharoa (entranceway) which will complete the makeover area." says Wendy Brooks, Principal at Cromwell Primary School. “We had a great turn out and so much fantastic support from our local community including all those who kindly donated supplies and their valuable time to this project.”

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Wainui School

Hundreds of people from the Wainui community were out in force on Sunday 18th May to help out with Wainui School’s Treemendous School Makeover in one of our biggest plantings to date.

The school tackled what was nothing but a large muddy area and totally revamped it with a mammoth 1,300 native plants, pathways and educational signage. The students will be able to weave their way through the native bush on a number of brand new paths to a specially created seating area.

“Previously, this area was completely unused so we are excited to have restored the bush close to its natural state. This new garden will also allow the students to learn about the environment with a hands-on approach," says Gillian Bray, Principal at Wainui School. “We were overwhelmed with the incredible support from our local community including all those who generously donated supplies and their time to this makeover.”

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Naenae School

On 21 June at Naenae School we built a timber structure similar to a Samoan fale that reflects the multi-cultural identity of the school. It will provide an area for outdoor concerts as well as being used as an outdoor classroom.

The newly developed area also features connecting pathways, weta and other insect homes, and extensive native and shrub planting to attract birds as well as increasing the bee population that will connect with the schools beehive project.

“This makeover has provided a great exploratory area for the children and wider community to learn about and experience native flora and fauna. We are proud that our students understand the importance of caring for our environment from such a young age,” says Murray Bootten, Principal, Naenae Primary School.


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Pegasus Bay School

And the final stop for the Treemendous team in 2014 was at Pegasus Bay School on 6 September. After the Christchurch earthquakes, many red zoned families moved into the Pegasus Bay area. The extra families and the realignment of smaller schools (including 141 year old Waiuku School), created the need for a bigger school, so Pegasus Bay opened at the beginning of term 2 this year. This created an exciting opportunity for the Treemendous team as we had a complete blank canvas to work from! Many of the pupils who joined Pegasus Bay School have had a disruptive couple of years so the challenge was set for us to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

“We designed and created a very eclectic garden to ensure it reflects the needs of our pupils and the community, but also aligns with our eco-focus. We encourage our students to be a kaitiaki (guardians) of the school, the wider community and the environment they live in,” says Roger Hornblow, Principal, Pegasus Bay School.

“We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received to make this project a success. There is a lot of goodwill in our school whanau and wider community.”

Andrew Clearwater, Chairman of the Mazda Foundation, says, “This makeover was one of our most inspiring yet and it was great to see so many students passionate about caring for the environment. Mazda is incredibly proud to be part of Treemendous School Makeovers.”

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The Treemendous team will return in 2015 for another four school makeovers. Find out more about our 2015 programme here.