Meet Boh Runga, Project Crimson's Ambassador

Boh Runga is well-known for her love of New Zealand native birds through her jewellery designs and is now even more in touch with New Zealand’s natural wonders as an ambassador for Project Crimson - putting her love of native flora and fauna to the test as she works with us to help raise awareness about protecting our native pohutukawa and lesser-known rata species.

“Nature is close to my heart and a pohutukawa tree is something all New Zealanders appreciate. Pohutukawa reminds me of Christmases in the Coromandel, greeting you as you are driving along the coast so if I can help do something to save them then that’s absolutely something I’m going to do,” says Boh.

“When I first started in jewellery I wanted to design something that people could relate to being a New Zealander. I started doing stylised birds because I wanted to create jewellery that becomes heirloom. Since I’ve done that nod to Aotearoa, I’m keeping that nod,” she grins enthusiastically. “Personally, I want to wear jewellery that I can have on all the time without thinking about it.”

But for now, the artist simply wants to get her hands dirty! “I would like to go and plant some trees. I’ve gotgum boots, a spade and gloves. I just want to get my hands dirty and do something good for these amazing trees that give our nation so much because I feel blessed to live here.”

Boh Runga and Ruud Kleinpaste at a Treemendous School Makeover 

 Boh Runga and Ruud Kleinpaste at a Treemendous School Makeover