Ecologically sourcing seed and trees

Project Crimson supports pohutukawa and rata protection projects within their natural growing ranges and promotes eco-sourcing.

This means that the plants used in restoration projects are grown from seeds collected from old, naturally established plants as close as possible to where they will be planted-out. Project Crimson contracts several community nurseries around the country to grow trees from known eco-sourced seed for distribution to projects.

Eco-sourcing improves the quality and quantity of native vegetation and protects the distinctiveness of plants and eco-systems.


Ecological district

One of the major levels used for the ecological classification of land. New Zealand has been divided into 268 ecological districts according to geological, topographical, climatic and biological features and processes, which interrelate to produce characteristic landscapes and ranges of biological communities.

Ecological region

A single, very distinctive ecological district, or more commonly, a group of adjacent ecological districts which have diverse but closely related ecological components and relationships.

For a description of the ecological districts and regions go to the website of NZERN; a non-profit, community-driven organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences about ecological restoration in New Zealand.