Josh Emett, Project Crimson and Remarkables Primary School are turning Queenstown crimson

Celebrity chef Josh Emett from Queenstown’s Rātā restaurant joined Project Crimson Trustee Ruud Kleinpaste, children from Remarkables Primary School and local volunteers from the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust to plant 360 native trees, including 35 southern rātās, on the Kelvin Heights Peninsula last week.

Rātā restaurant partnered with Project Crimson in 2012 and through their fundraising efforts will help Project Crimson to plant native trees in the Queenstown region.

Project Crimson Communications Manager Melanie Seyfort says “We are thrilled to have Rātā on board with us as a fundraising partner. This is the second year of planting with Rata in what we hope will be an ongoing restoration project in the Wakatipu. It was great to add an educational element to this year’s planting, by welcoming children from Remarkables Primary School who were taken on a bug hunt by Ruud Kleinpaste.”

Josh Emett says “Rātā’s focus has always been to create a uniquely southern restaurant and dining experience. To be able to partner with Project Crimson and actually plant southern rātās with the local community is exactly what we had set out to do through this partnership. We are fully behind Project Crimson’s work and looking forward to returning next year for further planting in the area.”

Neill Simpson from the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust helped to organise the planting event, identifying an appropriate site for revegetating and sourcing plants locally. Local Department of Conservation staff also joined the event.