Bartlett's rata voted third favourite plant in New Zealand

Kiwi’s love and concern for one of its most endangered species shone through after it was voted New Zealander’s third favourite plant in the Favourite Native Plant poll run by the New Zealand Native Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN).

Thousands of votes were received for over 100 species in this annual poll. Bartlett’s rata was overtaken by Pingao which came on top followed closely by tree nettle.
Dr Philippa Crisp NZPCN President was pleased with the response to the poll.
The poll provides an opportunity to explain why we love our native plants and it highlights the importance of our unique plant life in people’s lives and to our national identity.
“It’s great to see so many New Zealander’s express their love of our native plants and it’s particularly touching to see so many people so concerned about plight of Barlett’s rata.”
Ten reasons why Bartlett’s rata should be number one as identified by voters:
  1. It is an amazing tree with beautiful flowers, bark and foliage
  2. Because some things are worth fighting for
  3. It is a beautiful and remarkably undervalued tree
  4. It is a whole ecosystem supporting its own fungi, bryophytes and lichens
  5. It could do with a helping hand
  6. Anything that has its own endemic liverwort has got to be pretty cool
  7. Because extinction is forever
  8. It is an intriguing representative of the subgenus
  9. I like it for its highly anomalous position in the tree Metrosideros
  10. Because it is the sole host for a threatened liverwort Frullania wairua.

The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network is holding a conference on Fri 8 - Sun 10 October 2010 in Christchurch. The theme is plants in a human landscape - conservation outside nature reserves. All are welcome to attend. For more info email

Plants in a Human Landscape