New Bloomers coming soon...

In a brilliant mix of ecology and fashion, Project Crimson and designer and eco-advocate, Laurie Foon of Starfish have teamed up to produce a second round of fundraising tee-shirts that will help put more pohutukawa and rata into New Zealand soil.

New Bloomers

The ‘Bloomer’ tee-shirts will be launched on the 20th of November, in time for the New Zealand Summer and the peak of the pohutukawa bloom.

Laurie has built her name on both style and eco-design and has helped build up Starfish to become known for its eco-friendly stance. Starfish was New Zealand’s first Sustainable Business Awards fashion winner in recognition of its rigorous recycling, fabric sourcing and sustainable product design.

Laurie Foon is excited to be back on board and confident the tees will be welcomed by supporters this Summer.

“Our focus has always been in creating timeless and fashion enduring garments that can be enjoyed by all types of people.

“It‘s important to Starfish that our eco-friendly values are reflected in our actions. Now, more than ever, people are keen to help make a difference to our environment. Partnering with Project Crimson allows us to help our customers do exactly that,” says Foon.

Project Crimson Executive Director, Bridget Abernethy says the partnership is based on shared values.

“Our natural environment is a critical part of who we are as New Zealanders. Protecting it is central to both our organisations,” says Abernethy.

The t-shirts will retail for $55. They can be purchased from Starfish in Wellington and Christchurch or through the Project Crimson website.