Project Crimson's work would not be possible without the support from our major partners, DOC and Mazda, who have been helping us to deliver our mission for many years.  Find out about becoming a sponsor of Project Crimson.


Project Crimson and the Department of Conservation (DOC) have been inextricably linked since the Trust started in 1990.  The combination of DOC’s vast knowledge in the area of conservation and their regional network of area offices, visitor information centres and field staff, have meant a strong and enduring partnership. 

The Department of Conservation is the central government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand on behalf of and for the benefit of present and future New Zealanders.  Their vision is  "New Zealand is the greatest living space on Earth".



With the support of Mazda New Zealand, Project Crimson has two hardworking utility vehicles which are prominently adorned with pohutukawa images, and the words "renewing pohutukawa and rata" splashed across them.  Frequently loaded with trees and equipment for plantings, they are a roving billboard spreading awareness of Project Crimson and give us the opportunity to travel to some remote and very special parts of the country.


In 2007 the Mazda Foundation partnered with Project Crimson to bring the ‘Treemendous School Makeovers’ to Primary and Intermediate schools throughout New Zealand. 

Four New Zealand schools each year are chosen to have their grounds improved and enhanced through the planting of native trees. These Treemendous School Makeovers are completed by the travelling Treemendous Team, who along with the school community will create a beautiful native tree garden that everyone can enjoy for generations.

 As well as our major partners, we enjoy great support from the following organisations.

Biolage is part of the Matrix range of salon-only hair products that was born in 1990 with the commitment of offering the hairstylist a unique approach to professional haircare. Biolage believes in the beauty of protecting the environment and biodiversity; the beauty of delivering desirable and sustainable products; the beauty and the well-being of our stylists and clients.

Biolage is helping to raise awareness of Project Crimson in salons as well as raising crucial funds for our work.  Look for stickered packs of Biolage products and help us to plant more pohutukawa and rata!



Ata Rangi vineyard is owned and managed by Clive Paton, his wife Phyll and sister Alison. 

Clive planted the originally bare, stony 12-acre home paddock at the edge of the Martinborough village in 1980 and, in doing so, was one of a handful of people who pioneered grape growing in the area. 

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir is now widely considered a leading New World example of this challenging variety.

Clive's tree-planting work at the family Bush Block inspired the idea for Crimson, a younger vines Pinot Noir sold in support of the work of Project Crimson. Check out Ata Rangi's work on this Youtube clip here


Rātā is the Queenstown flagship restaurant of Michelin starred chef Josh Emett (also of Masterchef New Zealand fame) and highly regarded local restaurateur Fleur Caulton. Rātā takes inspiration from the southern landscape and everything that epitomizes New Zealand.

Rātā restaurant partnered with Project Crimson in 2012 and through their fundraising efforts are helping Project Crimson to plant native trees in the Queenstown region.


A merchandise partner to Project Crimson, Ingrid Anderson’s popular range of pohutukawa textiles are produced with a passion for vibrant colour and design. 

Many of Ingrid Anderson's designs are inspired by her passion for New Zealand’s flora and fauna. Ingrid and other company directors have an active association with environmental groups such as the Project Crimson Trust and Kiwi Conservation Club.

For every item purchased on our website Ingrid Anderson donates all profits of the sale to Project Crimson.