A partnership with Project Crimson

Project Crimson is one of New Zealand’s preeminent, most enduring and recognised conservation
charities. With a specific focus on our hero species pōhutukawa and rātā, we also work to protect the
unique native ecosystems in which they grow and educate New Zealanders of their importance. We
have a quarter century of successful experience behind us.

Not only have we brought coastal pōhutukawa back from its threatened status, we have planted hundreds of thousands of trees across the country and worked with thousands of New Zealanders to protect and renew our beloved pōhutukawa, northern rātā and southern rātā species. Without Project Crimson some parts of New Zealand would have lost pōhutukawa or rātā altogether for future generations.

Project Crimson is in the business of planting trees for future generations. Our bottom line is clear —
more native trees are good for New Zealand. Our model, which has been successful for 25 years, relies upon good partners. We define a “good partner” as one who believes in our work and who backs us to deliver on our mission.

If your organisation fits this brief we can offer you an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of Project Crimson and our next 25 years of conservation work.

Join with us and help renew New Zealand’s coastlines and forests with iconic species that are unique to New Zealand and which form part of the legacy that we leave for our grandchildren, and their

For more information please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Melanie Seyfort on 021 645 875 or melanie@projectcrimson.org.nz